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Here’s How We Make Log Home Dreams Reality

You’ve had it in mind forever: your perfect sanctuary. The warmth and character of the logs. The stunning timber frame.

Now it’s time to create the home you really want.

At Confederation, we’ve partnered with people like you since 1979 to make custom log home dreams a beautiful reality.

Find out exactly how it works, step by step.
Log cabin
Floor plans
BuilderWoodLog cabin
Timber Frame constructionFinished interior
Finished interior

It was an instant, unanimous ‘That's the one!’

We approached Confederation as one of several options when looking to design and build our home - and we are so glad that we did. We quickly determined that they lived up to their incredible reputation.

Throughout the process, Confederation made the design process so much easier and less stressful than we had originally anticipated.

Figuring out what you want your future home to look and function like can be a daunting task — but Brad took the challenge in stride. Not to mention when we arrived at the final design, it was an instant, unanimous "that's the one!".

We chose to complete the build ourselves, so when it came time for material deliveries to start, Confederation made sure that we had all of the necessary resources to prepare and educate us in the log home building process, and did everything to make sure deliveries were staged and scheduled appropriately.

If you are considering building a log home, I would highly recommend visiting Confederation — their hospitality, professionalism, and quality are second to none!”

Beyond the Log Home Kit

What it Takes to Build a Custom Log or Timber Frame Home
When you buy a log home kit, you’re buying what’s known as the “shell.” At Confederation, your shell includes everything to build a log or timber frame home that’s sealed, weather tight, and ready to finish the inside to your personal taste.

Many of our customers choose the classic log home style. Some choose a timber frame (also known as “post and beam”) or a hybrid — a log home with timber accents. These logs and timbers give your home that characteristic style, coziness, and warmth.

Creating the kits for these distinctive, custom homes is our specialty here at Confederation Log and Timber Frame.

But we’ll be the first to admit: There’s far more to building a custom log home than ordering a kit.

If you have no idea where to start, don’t worry. Since our first log home in 1979, we’ve helped thousands of customers build Confederation log and timber frame homes from our packages.

We can walk you through each step on the journey to realizing your dream.
Step 1:

Tour Model Log Homes

I had looked at many different places before choosing Confederation Homes but what really sold me is when we went to Bobcaygeon and saw the model homes and they took us through the facility and showed us every step that would be taken into building our home.
Paula Kellar
It’s one thing to look at galleries of log and timber frame homes…

It’s something else completely to step inside. When you tour a model home, you get clarity and inspiration. You see what works, what you’d change, and how the different styles feel: timber frame, timber frame accents, and log homes.

Not sure what you want to build yet? Come in for a visit, and we’ll lay out all of the options.

Sometimes, you’ll walk in determined to choose the more expensive option and discover that you’d be happier with something simpler. Consider us your guides.
I always recommend that you come to see us and go through a tour. We never push the sale because we want you to be 100% certain and just as excited as we are to build your Confederation home.
Rich Kinsman,
VP Sales, Confederation Log Homes
Step 2:

Visit Log Home Factories

We saw the quality of the materials ourselves, and we heard people's comments about the quality. Even our builder said that the quality is so good. We do not regret going with Confederation because the quality is there.
Paula Kellar
Lumber yard
Shaped lumberShaping wood by hand
Fine tuning the wood
Model homes are the finished product… But you should also understand what makes a log home look beautiful while standing the test of time.

Come to Bobcaygeon to see for yourself why Confederation is synonymous with premium quality log and timber frame homes.

To start, Confederation logs are unsurpassed in the market.

We only use Eastern White Pine grown in the coldest reaches of Northern Ontario. These trees are slow-growing with tight rings that make for very stable wood.
Sustainable globeSustainable loggingSustainable practices
To make sure your logs never split, the logs for your home are exclusively from the heart of the tree — the strongest part.
Then we naturally dry our winter-harvested logs for one to two years. Some of the logs that are patiently drying today could become part of your dream home.

It’s a slow process, but we’d never kiln dry your logs. Adding heat is a sure way to end up with excessively warped and cracked wood.

Only the highest-quality logs make it into your kit. Each and every log is inspected 9x throughout its journey.

We’d be delighted to show you the process and take you on a tour of our production facility.
Visit us
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Step 3:

Decide Where to Build

“Building a log home was a lifelong dream. It took a long time to find the perfect lot — lots of land, a spring-fed lake and surrounded by crown land. All the while we frequently attended the Cottage Show, the Home Show and did several factory tours of many log builders.
Herb Hart
Some customers come to us with a property they’ve owned for years, and now they’re ready to build. Others are still searching.

This is your dream home, and you want to situate it in just the right spot.

Will you build on the lakefront or in the woods? Closer to town or as remote as possible? Do you want your porch to face the sunset or the sunrise?

Working out the details of where to build is part of the excitement — and we love those conversations. Reach out to discuss…
Where the light is on your property at different hours and how we can use that to the best effect in your log or timber frame home.
How to take advantage of a lake or other dramatic views.
Whether the grade (or slope) of the land means you can build a walk-out basement (always popular)
How we can build around any mature trees that you’d like to save.
What you’d love to see when you pull into the driveway.
What your municipality will allow, and who to talk to for help with permits, severances, and minor variances.
Where to place your well, garage, and more...
The fact is, we can help you create your ideal getaway nearly anywhere. So, don’t let doubts or questions hold you back.
Just ask
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Step 4:

Design Your
Dream Log Home

We cannot say enough about your design team, and their attention to detail. He was very conscientious of things that we were not even considering.
Monika & Serge
Design starts with inspiration. You search galleries and hunt for the perfect plan… perfect for your family, your lifestyle, and your budget.

If you’ve been sifting through the 100+ log and timber frame home plans available on our website, let us help shorten your search.
Timber frame complete house
Interior kitchen and dinning roomFine tuning the woodTimber frame interior staircase
Custom home icon

Every Confederation home is a custom home.

Simply come in and tell us what you envision: something completely new or a design inspired by Confederation plans. Our certified designers can even start with your simple sketch or Pinterest board.
Home options icon

We’ll guide you through the options.

There are countless ways we can design a classic log, timber frame, or hybrid home.
Timber frame house icon

You’ll get our best advice based on decades of log and timber frame home design experience.

Together, we can build something beautiful — the dream home that fits you and your budget.
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My wife and I met with CL&TF during one of their seminars in Bobcaygeon and were immediately impressed with their professionalism, knowledge, candid approach, family history in the business, and passion for timber frame homes.

We weren't exactly sure what direction we wanted to go with our build and there were thousands of questions (and many we didn't know) to be asked & answered. Rich and his team always made themselves available, were punctual, courteous, and worked with us every step of the way.

From starting with one design - and then making a radical change to another - Confederation was extremely patient, walked us through the various pros and cons while ensuring we were comfortable and making a truly informed decision in the end.

Long story short, my family, friends, and I enjoy every moment in our place and look forward to the many more memories to come.

Thanks, Rich & Confederation!
Nick & Jennifer Hrebicek
Our cottage is very personalized to us – something that we couldn’t have done with a standardized package. And most importantly – you offered us all of that within our budget – something your competitors couldn’t match.
Nick & Jennifer Hrebicek
Step 5:

Get Your Blueprints

At the end of the design process, I ended up not only with architectural blueprints, but 3D renderings of the exterior, interior, and a full 3D, interactive walk-through of my home.
Confederation customer
Before we hand over the blueprints, you need to know your design is just right.

That’s why we create a 3D walk-through of every room, view, and design detail. You’ll virtually tour your new home, inside and out.

Wondering what your cathedral ceiling will look like with tongue-and-groove versus drywall? Curious about different finishes? Rather switch up the window style? With a couple of clicks, we’ll show you what any change will look like.
We get responses like, “I knew that was going to look amazing,”and “This is what I’ve always wanted.
Drawings 5Interior timber frame
Sometimes you discover that what you thought you liked isn’t quite right, but you’ll love the changes we make on the spot in the 3D tour.

Virtual walkthroughs give you total confidence in your custom home design before we finalize your plan. You’ll find it takes the guesswork and worries out of the decisions you’ll make along the way. And yes, it’s also part of the package!

When you’ve finished adjusting and tweaking your design, we’ll hand you the BCIN-certified blueprints necessary for permits, trades, and any financing you may need.
You want the design decision to be exciting, and I can tell you when we sat down with Rich for the 3D walkthrough, it really gave us a spatial perspective. It was a really, really special day because you see your dream coming to life in front of you.
Robyn Kasha
Step 6:

Secure Permits & Financing

After the high of virtually walking through your home… and holding the blueprints… Securing permits and financing may not fill your heart with joy. But both are easier with Confederation.

Permitting varies by municipality, so there’s no one path. We can point you to professionals who can help you to get permits, or assist with severances and minor variances.
Custom home icon
"I knew I wanted a CL&TF based on the research that we did across all of the major competitors. I definitely read reviews from others on their website, also spoke to contractors in the area.

I am an entrepreneur myself. Not everybody sets the bar high for themselves. Confederation in contrast, you know they care and are genuine. They're good people. I don't know; it's their energy. It's hard for me to describe.

We met with Rich. We made some changes to the plans we had. He did an onsite visit and we had a cost in mind and we we had a budget, and felt that we could stick with it.

So, once we got that back and we started crunching some rough numbers and we said okay let's go for it."
Sheila Phillips
If you’re securing financing, we can get you off to a great start. During the design process, Confederation will put together a budget worksheet for your custom build.
The worksheet lists everything you’ll need to finish the interior, from fixtures to flooring, according to your specs. That means you’re less likely to have to go back to the bank to request more financing partway through your build.
Step 7:

Assemble Your
Building Team

Confederation gave us a list of potential builders. Some were very seasoned, some newer builders. I was so impressed with the builder that we ended up choosing. He’s built log homes before, he's built timber frames, but he hadn't built a Confederation log home in its entirety.

On his own initiative, this builder went down to Confederation’s site in Bobcaygeon and spent half a day with them to learn. Throughout the build, he’s called Confederation a lot, and they’re very responsive to him. Confederation even came to do a site visit.
Robyn Kasha
Team member
Raw tree end cutTape measure and plans
Marking lumber for the cut
With your BCIN-certified blueprints, you’re ready to assemble your team.
Will you hire a general contractor to manage everything?
Will you assemble and manage your own team, acting as your own general contractor?
Or can you build your Confederation log or timber frame home yourself? (There are DIYers who do!)
How you get the job done depends on your budget, your experience, and your skills. We’ll help walk you through the options.

No matter which route you take, Confederation will work closely with your team, start to finish. You can even send members of your team to Confederation for training before your log home kit arrives.
Step 8:

See Your Log Home in Production

It is so exciting when you get to see your home built inside their factory… It’s a really premium tier experience.
Robyn Kasha
Can’t wait to see your log or timber frame home? Visit when we assemble it in the factory.
Trial run icon

Think of it as the trial run.

We piece together your custom home ourselves in the Confederation factory to make sure the design and logs are flawless.
That way, there are no surprises when your team assembles your home on-site.
Special guest icon

You’ll be our special guest.

Bring your family and watch the shell and walls of your log or timber frame home come together. Ask any questions you like. Our lead craftsman will walk you through each step.
Timber frame build icon

You’ll see how every log is pre-cut and pre-drilled by our expert timber frame craftsman.

It’s details like these that make your build easier and quicker.
Once we disassemble everything, the next step is packaging your logs for delivery. You’re getting so much closer to seeing your dream home on your own property.
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Step 9:

Log Home Kit

The delivery process was outstanding. The truck was pristinely clean, which is really important because it’s carrying your log home… You see your name written on the shrinkwrap. It’s a really cool experience of seeing these logs individually handcrafted for us.
Peter and Michele Ratsch
Unloading materials at the job siteTrucking materials to the job siteInterior timber frame
After years of dreaming… After weeks or months of finalizing your custom log home plan… After seeing your log home “tested” in our factory…

It’s your big day. The truck is turning into your driveway and on the flatbed is your log or timber frame home package — the makings of your dream home.
At Confederation, we’re not just experts at creating premium log home kits.
We’ve also perfected delivery over 40+ years and have experience shipping our log cabin kits to builders across Canada, the US, and as far away as Japan.
You get what you need when you need it. Staged delivery prevents damage from the weather and theft while your crew works to build.

What’s included? Our log and timber frame home package includes everything you’ll need to create a weathertight shell, right down to the last bolt.
Step 10:

Build & Finish Your Custom Log or Timber Frame Home

Months after our final payment, they are still readily available to take the time to answer all our questions. Confederation developed more than just a business relationship with us. They truly made us feel as though our house was the most important project they had.
Dave & Erica
Timber frame complete house
Under constructionInterior windowsTimber finished exterior
Now it’s time to bring your dream to life. You or your general contractor will manage the build, but Confederation is here to help.

From the subfloor to the log walls, pine posts, roof, and shingles, we can train your team to build and finish your log home shell according to your custom blueprints.

Of course, you’ll also need to choose and order the materials for the interior of your home: your kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, walls, and more. If you have a general contractor, they’ll help you with that.

Need advice on the interior? We can show you examples, tell you what our thousands of customers have loved, and point you to trusted vendors.

You’re building your Confederation log home, but we’ll smooth the path, so you can enjoy the excitement of creating a home just for you.
You can count on Confederation absolutely, from the beginning to the end. They just don't sell you the kit and disappear. They see it through. They're invested in this.
Robyn Kasha

Receive Your
How Much Does a Custom Log Home or Timber Frame Home Cost?

We honestly thought a log home would be unattainable, however, after meeting with Brad Stuart, we were thrilled to realize Confed could work within our budget.
Eric Huddleston
They were diligent in providing us with top-notch service. Continuous effort was made to stay within our budget yet still provide us with the design we desired. Every phone call and email were answered quickly and professionally.
Erika and Dave
When we say that every Confederation home is a custom home, we mean it’s customized to your taste, your lifestyle, and your budget.

So, how much does a Confederation log home or timber frame home cost?

There is no one price per square foot because every home we build is unique — from simple and modest to sprawling and lavish.
Talking icon

The best way to understand
pricing is to talk to us

Simply reach out, and we’ll talk through everything you need to know about Confederation log home costs.

Our estimates come with no surprises: just honesty and transparency.

Before you put a dollar down for a design deposit,

we’ll make sure you have a realistic budget: not just to cover the cost of the Confederation log home kit, but cover the building services and other materials that factor in the final cost of your home.
Ready to learn more about custom log and timber frame home costs? Download our guide and pricing calculator.
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Calender icon

How Long Does It Take to Build a Custom Log or Timberframe Home?

Maybe your family is expanding…

Or your retirement is on the horizon…

Or maybe your existing cottage just can’t be patched much longer…

You might think it’s too early to start planning your log home build.

In fact, it’s rarely too early. After all, we’re custom-designing your dream log or timber frame home. Why not give yourself time to get it just right?

Design can take as long as you like. Weeks if you know exactly what you want. Months or even a year if you’re taking your time.

After you’ve done your 3D walkthrough and finalized the design, make sure you factor in time for…
Printing the blueprints
Building permits (timelines vary by region)
Financing approval
Log home kit preparation at our production facility
Sourcing your interior finishes
Delivery of materials from third-party suppliers
Trades to prep the property, pour the foundation, erect the structure and finish the interior
Light bulb icon
And here’s a tip...
If you start early and plan to have the shell weather-tight by fall, you have all winter to finish the interior!
We never want you to feel pressured during any stage of the process. Give yourself enough time by starting the conversation now.
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Build a Home You’ll Love Even More Every Day

Imagine driving up to your stunning entrance.

Unlocking that beautiful front door, swinging it open, and taking in the view.

Sunlight is beaming in through the tall windows.

Everything is exactly where you want it… because you’ve designed your Confederation home right down to the last detail.

It feels just as warm and welcoming as you always imagined. A place for peace and privacy. A place where friends and family gather in a setting that’s unforgettable.
Timber frame interior bathroom
Timberframe exterior tall windowTimberframe interior livingroom
Marking lumber for the cut

Let’s talk about how to get there and love every step of creating your dream home.

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Our experience working with Ritch Cameron and the Confederation team was most enjoyable and stress-free. The knowledge and suggestions shared with us helped us through the entire project, from design and planning to the actual build. We never felt that we were pressured or rushed into our project at any time.

We have been living in our new log home for 6 months now and are loving it more and more every day.

Thanks, Ritch and Confederation employees.
Wayne Titian
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